Impregnated Balance Paper

Melamine Impregnated Paper

The melamine paper is not only an aesthetic product used in the production of bed systems, because it can be created with different colors, but has important features for the duration of the slats.

Melamine Impregnated Paper Application

Melamine Impregnated Paper is used to cover board surfaces (particle board, MDF, Tablex, plywood, etc.,), the result being a very resistant surface and aesthetically similar to varnished or lacquered wood.

Melamine Impregnated Paper Feature

Melamine Impregnated Paper is a particular paper that has been impregnated with a special resin which is obtained by polycondensation (this process is done to remove the water) and is thermosetting, this resin serves to protect the slats of the bed which support the mattress 

Melamine Impregnated Paper is water resistant to chemicals, abrasion, heat but especially moisture. In fact, the humidity is the main cause of damage to the frame of the bed and for this Mollyflex uses the melamine paper in the processing of the staves to ensure the highest quality of the plans bed.

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